AWS and Kubernetes certified
AWS Advanced Networking Specialty
Web development
I work on all things about the web. Specialise in design, application development and cloud infrastructure.
Web development
Build web apps with PHP, Nodejs, React, Typescript and Nextjs. I choose the right tools for the job.
Cloud Infrastructure
I have demonstrated experience in cloud solutions that enable one website to handle millions of visitors per day.
Embed tracking and analytics tools in your site to gain a better understanding of your customers and conversion rate.


You should know

I don't build websites based on legacy CMS or technologies. Having said that, WordPress, Drupal and Magento are out of my service.

What I am good at
  1. 1. Marketing website with CMS.

  2. 2. Application to streamline your business process.

  3. 3. Migrate your old infrastructure to any cloud platform.

What I use

I build websites with Nextjs + Storyblok. Using PHP or Nodejs to construct the backend API. Besides, I deploy applications to any cloud platform with any approach. From single Digital Ocean instance to AWS ECS to Kubernetes Cluster, you choose the preferred option.

What are the projects that I do not take?

I don't take projects that need to support the browser Internet Explorer. I also don't take projects if they sound too big. For instance, If your goal is to build a platform like Linkedin, or amazon, you'd better contact agencies or hire a group of developers/designers.

Ready to start?

I am currently available to start on your project. Let's keep in touch to explore more!