AWS and Kubernetes certified
AWS Advanced Networking Specialty
Freelance developer/devops
Product-driven software engineer.
Hey 👋, I'm Weiyi or you can call me Julian. I am an AWS and Kubernetes certified software engineer skilled in building scalable, high availability and secure web products.
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Cool things I tried, some thoughts on trends, and exciting achievements I did.
Feb 08, 2023
Database backup with onedump
Onedump is a database dump tool that provides an easy and efficient way to back up databases to different destinations.
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Nov 03, 2021
Kubernetes probes cause nginx HTTP 499 error
When deploying a new application version, liveness and readiness probes failed once and there is an error saying the client closed the connection. So what is the cause of this issue and how do I fix it?
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Sep 22, 2021
Kubernetes Liveness and Readiness Probes in practice
I learned a few things from using Kubernetes liveness and readiness probes to achieve zero-downtime deployment.
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Jul 30, 2018
Using Symfony Messenger with AWS SQS
Symfony 4.1 adds a new Messenger component which allows us to handle a message now or later (by pushing it to a queue system). I wrote a post a long time ago to show some use cases and implementation of how to use Symfony with sqs
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Frequently asked questions

Why hire a freelance web developer?

Freelance web developers can create great value for the clients at a much lower price compared with agencies. Besides, they are usually more responsive and can offer more personalized services.

How much do freelance web developer charge?

Freelance web developers rates can be different based on projects and skills. Generally speaking, in Melbourne, you'd be expecting a minimum of $50 per hour rate for a quality freelancer.

What is your service location

Although I have worked remotely with clients in different countries, I prefer to work with those who are in Australia or share a similar timezone around GMT + 10.

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I am currently available to start on your project. Let's keep in touch to explore more!