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Database backup with onedump

Onedump is a CLI tool for database backup. It supports database dump from multiple sources( MySQL or PostgreSQL database) and stores it in your preferred storage (Local, S3, Google Drive or Dropbox). It is easy to use and manage, basically, it is just a simple command with a single configuration.


Before I started to implement this tool, I asked myself why I need to create another tool for database backup again. Although there might have had some tools that did a good job with database backup, I rarely found one that fit my needs:

  1. I need a tool to dump MySQL and PostgreSQL databases to different storage with a simple command and a single configuration file. I need this tool not only to be able to dump databases directly via the network (if possible) but also to dump via SSH (if possible).

  2. I want it to be fast to back up databases, concurrently if possible.

  3. I want it to be easy to configure, one configuration file is the goal.

  4. I prefer to store my configuration file in a secure location, ideally with encryption at rest.

The tool

To resolve my own requirements, as shown above, I am glad that I have delivered the tool and run it for the backup of all my side project databases. I will be more joyful if it helps other people who have similar needs. For more details like how to use it, here is the instruction